Friends of the East Coast Inc has been set up to inform the community on planning issues impacting on the East Coast of Tasmania.  In recent years there has been increasing pressure to develop this coast by piecemeal sub-division.  Friends of the East Coast Inc has evolved in response to community concerns that their voices need to be heard by local councils and the State Government.

This site provides information on matters relating to state and local planning, land use and development issues that impact on the East Coast of Tasmania.

The focus is specifically on issues that enhance or degrade East Coast community interests, residents’ well-being and opportunities for participation in planning decisions.

The overall aim is to protect the unique environment of the East Coast from inappropriate development.

Continued sub-divisions and ribbon development by stealth are the main threats to the unique East Coast.


Cambria Green
A proposal for a large parcel of land near Swansea to become an international tourist enclave has provoked widespread concern on its potential environmental, economic and cultural impacts.
Read some facts and the timeline of this project:

The Changing Character of an East Coast Settlement
Falmouth, once a sleepy holiday location with fewer permanent residents than houses is now experiencing changes similar to what is happening in many locations throughout Tasmania.
Sep 2017

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Planning Scheme

The Minister for Planning & Local Government announced the Final State Planning Provisions on 22 Feb 2017.
A number of changes from the Draft Provisions were made by the Minister.
In his response, the Minister went to pains to argue his changes did not require further public exhibition as he rejected some important advice from the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

Further information on the changes will be posted soon.
Mar 2017
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State Election Planning Policies
Friends of the East Coast has reviewed the major party planning polices for the March 2018 State Election.

The Liberals have not published a planning policy, having made very significant changes to the planning system during their period in government, 2015 to 2018 .

Feb 2018

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Who really runs Tasmania?

Almost 300 submissions were made to the Tasmanian Planning Commission on the Draft State Planning Provisions.

June 2016

Read about one of the most telling submissions:

NSW's Planning for People
Community organisations in NSW have published A Community Charter for Good Planning in NSW.
Friends of the East Coast believes this Charter provides the most developed community based planning policies in Australia.  Planning activists in Tasmania might be inspired by the efforts and the consultation processes required to prepare such a Charter.

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Low Density Residential Zones Changes
The current BOD Interim Planning Scheme contains special provisions for Falmouth which will permanently change the character of Falmouth.  This clause appears to be relatively unknown to Falmouth residents, but is now being used by property developers in a current Development Application in Falmouth.

Low Density Residential Zone – now and in the future
A review of the current Break O’Day Interim Planning Scheme and the proposed new statewide Tasmanian Planning Scheme shows some significant changes will apply to the Low Density Residential Zone when the new statewide Planning Scheme comes into force.

Nov 2017

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Tasmania's Planning Future
Read Friends of the East Coast Inc's contribution to planning policy for Tasmania.


Read exclusive interview with Professor Michael Buxton, RMIT on Tasmania's proposed planning scheme.

Nov 2016

The State government has released a Bill on Major Projects.
Will this process be open and transparent with the unique powers vested with the Minister?
Sep 2017

Latest posting of website 11 November 2021: now hosted by DreamIT

Local Provisions Schedule announced by Break O'Day Council on 8 October 2019.

The main zoning changes are: Environment Living Zone disappears; Rural Resources Zone split into Agriculture Zone and Rural Zone.

Break O'Day Council's New Planning Scheme